SF-Scratch Essential



Scratch is a free visual programming language developed by MIT and is used by learners of all ages to create interactive stories, animations, and games. The Scratch Essential course is for anyone interested in getting started with computer coding; to learn the fundamentals of coding and at a later stage, to advance to a higher level of coding classes.

The Scratch Essential course you will learn the fundamentals of the Scratch programming language. You will have fun learning how to make animation dance, talk, sing, draw, or whatever creativities you have.  On completion of Scratch Essential, you will be competent in Scratch coding/programming and learn enough about Scratch to become creative producers of digital media.

Scratch is ideal for educators who want to promote computational thinking and to incorporate computer coding in the classroom or for parents to help their child learn the fundamentals of computer coding.




Curriculum for Scratch Essential


Getting Started

  • Introduction
  • What is Scratch 2.0?
  • Create an account online

Scratch Fundamentals

  • Tour the Project Editor
  • Working with Blocks
  • Moving and Turning
  • The Control Blocks
  • The Events Blocks
  • Naming and Saving a Project
  • Create First Project.

Sprites and the Stage

  • Working with Sprites
  • About Costumes
  • The Paint Editor
  • The Stage and the Backdrops
  • Create Second Project

Sights and Sounds

  • The Looks Blocks
  • Sounds and Sound Effects
  • The Pen Tool
  • Create Third Project

Sensing the Environment

  • Ask the User a Question
  • Communicating between Sprites
  • The Sensing Blocks
  • Variables and Operators
  • Create Fourth Project

Final Projects

  • Instructor Lead Project
  • Independent Project