Internet of Things is Everywhere!

Internet of Things (IoT) has the capabilities of influencing, facilitating and consolidating many of the operational task and procedures.

Recent years have witnessed tremendous growth in major companies’ careful considerations and generous investments for the internet of things (IoT). A recent Harvard Business Review article suggests that General Electric, Ford, Toyota, Caterpillar and others have allocated $1 billion level each to develop equipment ranging from a tiny wireless device to aircraft engines. And the bottom line of this initial effort: $86 million dollars per company in the United States, according to a 2015 survey.

It is not difficult to realise that these large companies are not the only ones getting to know the real value IoT is offering but also pioneers that deal with how products perform the best for their customers. We are hearing and indeed will see more of the daily electronics equipped with IoT technologies that communicate with the manufacturer about its performance. This by no means is an act of inquiring secretly or whatsoever but an opportunity for the manufacturer to enhance the product as well as attending to our service enquiries way faster than the conventional way. In return, the manufacturer is offering significant discounts, aren’t they? Have you realised that at times your smart TV refuses to boot instantly and prompts that firmware is being updated? Or HP’s inkjet printers triggering re-orders via wireless when the ink is getting low that saves headaches for the customer? What about that? IoT is already in our lives and yes, just to enhance it, for better, maybe for the best.

For the manufacturers’ side, IoT has the capabilities of influencing, facilitating and consolidating many of the operational task and procedures. However, given the well heard, stereotype “cultural” facts like technology fears that might reveal about the business are one of the major barriers slowing IoT penetrating more into today’s life. Only the companies that continuously reimagine their business and relentlessly evolve will be able to exploit the best value of IoT both for themselves and their customers.

By the way, the term “IoT” might be new but have you realised that nobody was trapped in an elevator for more than 10 minutes in the past few decades? How is it possible that first someone is immediately attending to the rescue matter and elevator service personnel is showing up so fast? Yes, elevators and other sensitive product and services that are prone to human fears or concerning health conditions were using IoT for a very long time. Have you brushed your teeth today? Procter & Gamble does not need to ask this question to you at all if you have been using their electronic toothbrushes.

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